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Hong Gil Nam
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It is a great pleasure to invite you to the IBS Conference on Genetics of Aging and Life History, which will be held at DGIST, Daegu, Korea, from October 19 to 21, 2016.

The conference aims to provide a comprehensive overview of aging and to provoke ample discussion in an open and friendly environment. The conference puts an emphasis on understanding genetic basis of aging and aging-related life history, in particular genetic mechanisms by which the rate of aging is determined and how aging is associated with physiological outputs.

Invited talks will cover topics ranging from multiple layers of aging regulation to new approaches to aging research, highlighting recent progresses and nourishing future perspectives in the field of aging.

The conference will have sixteen oral presentations, fourteen invited talks and two junior scientists’ talks, as well as a poster session.

We look forward to meeting you in Daegu for the IBS Conference on Genetics of Aging and Life History in October 2016.

Date & Venue

Date: October 19-21, 2016

Venue : Auditorium, Bldg. R5, DGIST, Daegu, Korea

Organizing Committee

Yousin Suh, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA

Seung-Jae Lee, POSTECH, Korea

Hong Gil Nam, IBS, Korea

Contact Info

Ms. Yeji Kim (yeeeji1015@gmail.com)
Dr. In Chul Lee (inchulpro@ibs.re.kr)


Day 1 : Oct 19, 2016 (Wednesday)

 Time  Program
09:00 – 09:40 Registration
Opening Chair: Hong Gil Nam
09:40 – 10:00 Opening Remarks : Yousin Suh Organizing Committee
Welcome Address : Sung-Chul Shin President of DGIST
Welcome Address : Sang-Cheol Park Director of Well Aging Research Center, DGIST
Session I : Conserved Pathways of Aging Chair: Sang-Cheol Park
10:00 – 10:35 Genome instability: a conserved mechanism of aging? Jan Vijg
(Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA)
10:35 – 11:10 Enhancer mechanisms of aging and disease Yousin Suh
(Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA)
11:10 – 11:45 DNA damage, neurodegeneration and mitochondrial dysfunction Vilhelm A. Bohr
(National Institute of Health/National Institutes of Health, USA)
11:45 – 13:00 Lunch
13:00 – 13:30 Facility Tour
13:30 – 14:30 Poster Session
Session II : Systems Biology of Aging Chair: Seung Jae V. Lee
14:30 – 15:05 Aging mechanisms in plants: some comparative views Hong Gil Nam
(IBS/DGIST, Korea)
15:05 – 15:40 A systems approach to reverse engineer lifespan extension by dietary restriction Jing-Dong Jackie Han
(Shanghai Institutes of Biological Sciences, China)
15:40 – 16:15 Diaminodiphenyl sulfone-induced parkin ameliorates age-dependent dopaminergic neuronal loss Yun-Il Lee
(DGIST, Korea)
16:15 – 16:35 Coffee Break
Session III : Young Scientists’ Presentations Chair: Keetae Kim
16:35-16:55 Endogenous compensatory system for age-associated loss of physical health in C. elegans Jeong-Hoon Hahm
(IBS, Korea)
16:55 – 17:15 SREBP and MDT-15 protect C. elegans from toxic effects of glucose on lifespan by regulating lipid metabolism Dongyeop Lee
(POSTECH, Korea)
17:15 – 17:35 Positive feedback regulation between the circadian clock and an aging regulator, ORE1, in plants Sunghyun Hong
(IBS, Korea)
17:35 – 19:30 Dinner

Day 2 : Oct 20, 2016 (Thursday)

 Time Program
Session IV : New Targets of Aging Chair: Daehee Hwang
09:00 – 09:35 Quantitating how daf-2/IIS mutants maintain “Quality of Life” phenotypes with age Coleen T. Murphy
(Paul F. Glenn Center for Aging Research/Princeton University , USA)
09:35 – 10:10 Age-associated miR-210 regulates energy metabolism by modulating a key autophagy regulator, ATG7, in mice hypothalamus Keetae Kim
(DGIST, Korea)
10:10 – 10:45 RNA surveillance and aging in C. elegans Seung-Jae V. Lee
(POSTECH, Korea)
10:45 – 11:05 Coffee Break
Session V : Intervention Strategies Against Aging Chair: Won Bae Jeon
11:05 – 11:40 Identifying drug targets to combat ageing Linda Partridge
(Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing/University College London, UK)
11:40 – 12:15 Translational geroscience: targeting mTOR signaling for mitochondrial disease and normative aging Matt Kaeberlein
(University of Washington, USA)
12:15 – 14:30 Lunch
14:30 – 15:05 Nuclear matrix matters: lamin A in chromatin remodeling, DNA damage repair and aging Zhongjun Zhou
(University of Hong Kong, China)
15:05 – 15:40 Controlling aging: restoration of cellular senescence Young-Sam Lee
(DGIST, Korea)
15:40 – 16:00 Coffee Break
Session VI : Current and future issues in aging research Chair: Hong Gil Nam
16:00 – 16:20 How limited are species-specific life spans? Jan Vijg
(Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA)
16:20 – 16:40 Internal aging clock? Yousin Suh
(Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA)
16:40 – 17:00 What assays we should be using to assess health in C. elegans Coleen T. Murphy
(Paul F. Glenn Center for Aging Research/Princeton University, USA)
17:00 – 17:20 Challenges and opportunities for translational geroscience Matt Kaeberlein
(University of Washington, USA)
17:20 – 17:30 Poster Awards
17:30 – 17:40 Closing Remarks: Hong Gil Nam (Chair of Organizing Committee)
17:40 – 21:00 Dinner & Discussion

Day 3 (Social events) : Oct 21, 2016 (Friday)

One day excursion

Do-dong Seowon (Korean Spiritual Culture)

Haein-Sa Temple (Habcheon)

*Visiting sites are subject to change by local situation


Jan Vijg
Jan VijgAlbert Einstein College of Medicine
Yousin Suh
Yousin SuhAlbert Einstein College of Medicine
Vilhelm Bohr
Vilhelm BohrNational Institute of Health/NIA
Hong Gil Nam
Hong Gil NamIBS & DGIST
Jing-Dong Jackie Han
Jing-Dong Jackie HanCAS-Max Planck Partner Institute
for Computational Biology
Yun Il Lee
Coleen Murphy
Coleen MurphyPrinceton University
Seung-Jae Lee
Seung-Jae LeePohang University of Science and Technology
Linda Partridge
Linda PartridgeMPI for Biology of Ageing
Matt Kaeberlein
Matt KaeberleinUniversity of Washington
Zhongjun Zhou
Zhongjun ZhouThe University of Hong Kong
Keetae Kim
Keetae KimDGIST
Young-Sam Lee
Young-Sam LeeDGIST

Young scientist  speakers

Jeong-Hoon Hahm
Jeong-Hoon HahmIBS
Dongyeop Lee
Dongyeop LeePohang University of Science and Technology
Sung hyun Hong
Sung hyun HongIBS


 Advanced Convergence Research Center (R5)

Address :  333 Techno Jungang-daero, Hyeonpung-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, 42988, Republic of Korea


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